Saturday, September 26, 2009


i curse finals.blahblahblah.
but i lovelove raya hols.
and my caffeine addiction ;)
my love for rendang.
i am soo gonna pamper the poor heart mind and soul of mine after the dreadful finals.
i aint gonna fail anything this time...i think.
arghh whatever.
i should stop mumbling
and get back to dating dat big fat bio book.
pissing me off. ;X
lolss.till then ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

hahas.LJY forgive andrew boy laa

lols.i didn quite believe it too.andrew boy drew looks acceptable laa.

the boy felt really bad after what he said.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i am soo soo lazy.gosh save me.skipped three schooling days just to laze around.nooola i was sick on the first two days.

a super-duperly late update


Jonathan Chooi Mann Seng
p/s:he is the white-er one. everyone's favourite jonny =) do not let the innocent face fool you.never. ohoh did i tell you.?jonny became a very funny fella ever since early this year.he used to be soo quiet during form2.see how the blacks can influence a person.yeah daey,you are one of the blacks either way i prefer the new and improved jon. ;]

Ong Wai Phun
the one and only gay bunny.eventho i insulted and offended you..i still sayang you banyak banyak what i said what's urs is mine..what's mine is still mine :) and dat was my line.!we are born to be bitchy sisters for life la...yeah i do feel sad for you.

Shiva Skanthan

my fake best friend :) everwonder why am i soo bitchy sometimes?well i learn from the best.shiva rolls his eyes more than he blinks it.seriously.the person i complain to everytime and everyday but never seems to bother much huh?altho we fight from time to time,but you do know i never meant what i said right :) hahas and face the fact that you are stuck with me for the rest or your life best friend!even facebook quizs stated so.

Tan Tze Yi

song of the day ;]

by greenday(transformers ost)

Friday, July 31, 2009

i miss talking to humanss :)
yeaps.the comp died on me for the past two weeks and i dunno wth did i i did not rape nor murder it.

kayss will update bout installation,birthdays,etc soonn.promise.

Monday, July 13, 2009

elloo humans! update session :)

went for pji installation on saturday.credits to jacky and his comittee for the awesome and successful installation =) and no worries the bod performance was those who missed it...too bad la..oyeah.dats hot attics getting ready to rock the stage bytheway. and omygeees.yukchai is the best sch i have ever been to.seriously.dat sch has an 'fountain',a mini park,super big basketball court and a fully-air-conditioned+well facilitated auditorium.i am already planning to enroll my future kiddos into dat sch.and wtv kungfuswan said bout the sch was definately not overrated.too bad i didn get to try the canteen food. :(
a gift to kungfuswan.seee dats the 'fountain'dat you were dying to see. =) i took a picture of in since you were in singaporeeee.ahahas!kawan baikku.+mr darlie

argh!too fair to be human.
kl tower situated in tmn sea.nice one laaa.he has to bent down every single time i ask for a picture =(
michelleeee =)achap!me noo like you!hahas
neil!atlast a proper picture.
daey.i still wonder...are u pure chinese?hahas i know.sensitive issue
syahir!!my favourite hamtarooooo

people!people!a word of advice.better grab this picture while u still can cause itsHOT ATTICS.nooo not just hot attics...its THE HOT ATTICS.they are soo gonna be rich and experience after watching 6 seasons of american idol tells me dat.and never trust woons's photography skills.serioously.

noo not the colur difference.its the mood difference.and i smell something fishy altho we werent in the market.*winksxing*

went to curve after the installation with jan daey calvin neil xing.
ate ikea food =) i am a happy kid now

song of the day =)
by the jonas brothers

Friday, July 3, 2009

hellooo people =)
sorry for the lack of updates.i am being a kid nowdays.

yeaps its one of the most decent picture we took.

sorry for the uber late post.i know u are not happy with it.hahas.nyways for the past years we have been thru alot of ups and downs.manda , you ,the black gang and i..those memories in cempaka.eventho sometimes we scream at each other,we still share the strongest possible kind of friendship.we fight and then make up.ewww soooo doubt we gave u and awesome bday this year ryteee...i was actually thought u would cry but u didnt.potong.

and DESTINEE.K.S.Y officially watched TRANSFORMERS2-REVENGE OF THE FALLEN on the 3rd of July 2008 at GSC,ou with gold fish swen after 1361464154161 days.hahass i am a happy kid now :)
rate 9.9/10

its pure awesome.and the storyline actually runs well.definately did live up to my expectation.i always think dat transformers will be the only bluckbuster that can never be over-rated.NEVER.

i cant make up my mind on who's hotter.
bumblebee? i have always love this fella here even in the first movie.childish yet bubbly
or optimus prime.?

or the skids-mudflap twins.?i loveeeee them.they already caught me eyes at the very beginning of the movie.

and i officially have a huge girl-crush on MEGAN FOX

i have always wonder....IS SHE HUMAN?she is close to purrfect.and screw whichever loser who said dat she's a guy.pure jealousy kills
i give you my words..transformers is definately a must watch movie.i cried sooo much thruout the i have the urge to run to tropicana city which is actually right beside my hse to catch this show AGAIN.i dun mind.anyone??

song of the day
by Linkin Park
transformers 2 OST

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson ,died of cardiac arrest early this morning,June 25 at UCLA medical hospital.The King Of Pop passed away at the age of 50.

altho i am not a big fan.but i did grew up listening to his songs , watching his signature moon walk.this sudden accident definately shocked fans all over globe.

a tribute to the ever so awesome and talented KOP.

this is definately my favourite.

Rest In Peace.Michael Jackson